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Water/Liquid Filtration Tubes Custom Machined

Marshall Manufacturing is a large scale manufacturer of custom machined plastic and stainless steel tubular components. These extruded tubes have precisely drilled cross-holes and precision machined O.D and I.D. features for use in water and other liquid filtration and R.O. Systems.

Marshall has hole making capabilities for drilling up to 296 holes in 6 seconds in tube components with ±0.005 inch hole-to-hole accuracy and ±0.010 inch accuracy between the first hole in a row to the last hole in a row.  And as a premier medical manufacturer, our precision bending, 2D and 3D bending, and medical laser tube cutting are recognized as leading the industry.

Roundness on tube outside diameters (O.D.) and inside diameters (I.D.) can be held to very close tolerances when required.

Tube materials include stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, ABS, Polypropylene, Noryl, Polysulfone to name a few.  Tube capacity ranges in lengths up to 96 inch and diameters from 0.5" up to 4 inch. Up to 72 holes with 0.75" inch spacing can be produced in a single drilling cycle. Up to 48 holes with 1 inch spacing can be produced in a single drilling cycle.

Applications for these machined tubes include separation, filtration and purification in systems for drinking water, beverages and food as well as industrial applications such as filtration devices for hydraulic liquids, coolants and cutting oils.

Marshall Manufacturing is equipped to provide a wide range of complex precision machining services for just-in-time programs with part turnaround in prototype to large quantities.

Marshall Manufacturing provides precision machining processes and is ISO 13485:2003 registered  & ISO 9001:2008 registered Marshall meets or exceeds General Machining Practices (GMP). Closely managed documentation control allows for consistent reliability with every order.

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